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Thanks again, Katherine. I had so much fun doing this challenge.

Will there be any drug testing? ;)

This contest came at the perfect time for me. Thank you for hosting this event! I had so much fun and enjoyed reading about everyone's projects.

I know this is a newbie blogger question but how do I put the button on my blog? thanks

Putting the button on your blog:

1. First, save the button's image file to your PC (or Mac ;-) ) by right-clicking on the button (alt-click for Mac) and selecting Save Picture As... (Internet Explorer) or Save Image As... (Firefox) from the pop-up menu (Mac users, you'll know which option to click). Remember what folder you save it to so you can find it again to upload to your blog.

2. Exact details of putting it on you blog will depend upon what blogging software or service you use, so you may need to use their help system to figure this part out.

Basically, there should be some option to upload and display images in the sidebar of the blog, possibly by associating the image with a link (for example, you could link here to the Tour de Fleece blog, or to a posting on your own blog where you documented the progress and completion of your TdF goal).

Upload the image file from the folder you saved it to in step 1 and perform whatever other steps your blogging software or service requires to display the image.

It may not be possible, with some blogging tools, to put it in the sidebar, in which case you may have to put it in a post instead.

Usual caveats apply: Your Mileage May Vary, Read The Friendly Manual (of your blogging tool), Good Luck, etc

Hope that helps!

Yr fthfl srvnt,


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