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What a timely post. My most recent post (http://thepurloinedletter.blogspot.com/2006/07/tour-update.html) made me feel really close to the finish line. But my father's serious illness definitely closed me down by the side of the road. Although he had been staying with us at a beach hotel in his hometown, this morning he was taken to the hospital. I spent the whole day knitting and staring into space rather than happily winding off my yarn and steaming it. We'll see soon if I was just along for the beginning of the ride or if I find myself seeking solace in yarn washing in the middle of the night.... As you said, it is pushing yourself to try that really makes the race meaningful--not [whether your yarn is dry] you finish the race.

It looks like I'm going to fall by the side of the road too. :( I've got almost 6 of my 8 oz spun, but the effort it's taking to spin it all is wearing me down. :( I haven't totally given up, but I'm probably going to have to be picked up by the SAG wagon, alas.

I got my Tour t-shirt yesterday--so cute! I had to go back and order the mug, too.

I think we've all done a great job. Just like the actual Tour de France participants, you have to roll with whatever the course throws at you. There's no shame in knowing that you've given it your best try. I'm proud to be a part of such a talented group of people.

Hang in there, everybody--just a few more days!

KatyaR has it right, IMHO. I prefer to look at our efforts from the viewpoint of non-spinners - "Wow! That's fantastic! You can make yarn!" Be proud of your talent.

My landlord came by while we were watching the tour and saw me spinning and was all "WOW! you are so connected to what you make, like right out of Lancaster (PA)" And ya know.. she is right. We are so connected to what we make. And giving yourself 3 weeks to rekindle that connection is a fabulous thing to do.

I'm just so pleased I happened upon this idea and how it tied my knitting and biking loves together. Funny how we can take that connection and pull it through with others on the internet. THANKS!

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