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Well- the merino is finished and so is the silk to match. I plied both sets and liked the outcome of the rainforest silk and yellow merino. I don't like how the lime and violet silk plied with the violet merino. I will have to un -ply and re-ply (blech) and then will hopefully still have time to tryo out the boucle!!

I've updated my progress on my blog. I was able to save the singles on the broken bobbin. Woohoo!!

I never knew Carcassonne was a real place, I've always known it as the name of a strategy game.

I've made some more progress, and I'll post pictures later today. Basically I finished 3/4 of the pencil rovings and chain plied them. I'm going to start the last 1/4 tonight.

I'm halfway through my pound of Shetland and posted an update day before yesterday, I think. I'm planning on spinning up the 3rd 4 oz tomorrow morning and catching up on blog work. And I want to read lots more blogs for other folks' progress and re-add links to my own blog, since I ended up without them for some odd reason :)

Finished one bobbin of the Coopworth blue and green, it's three ounces. I have six more ounces to go. The forecast here is for the 90's for the next five days. I do not have air conditioning, just big shade trees. Lots of water and pit stops ahead!

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