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Glad to hear you are feeling better and spinning again.
Your thoughts on changing strategy was very timely today.
I hit a bump spinning and had to get back on track again. It was either that or give up. All fiber and no yarn is not an option any more. I am learning so much spinning every day. Thanks again for le Tour.

Glad you feel better and welcome back to the spinning world. I didn't have to change strategy, but I definitely should have paused to think things through. I think I've solved my issues with merino. In any event, this tour has motivated me to practice spinning everyday.

Glad you're feeling better and good to see you posting! I just finished up another 4 ounces this morning of my Shetland...lovely lovely LOVELY stuff but not easy. Now, either Shetland is not the easist fiber in the world to spin or .... it's not the easiest for ME! I'll be updating my blog this morning as soon as it's light enough to take a couple pics of my progress. But if anyone has any hot tips (or the Shetland Spinning Secret Handshake) to share, please stop by my blog and give me a hand!

Not only has this challenge helped me with learning something new, it's also helped me get my blog up and running, which was on the To Do list forEVER :) I'm off to check out a few more participants blogs and try yet again to add links to the sidebar in my own.

I'm nearly done - hopefully tonight. I had started spindling the gray Wensleydale last year, maybe, as half of a 2ply laceweight yarn. (The other ply is multicolored dyed BFL, or will be once that's spun!) I've been comparing my new spinning to the sample yarn I spun up last year, and I'm surprised how easy it was to match.

Glad to hear as well that you are doing better and may get your goal accomplished- what a great feeling.
I was feeling a little behind myself until last night when I spun 3 ounces of merino in just about an hour- then finished 5 ounces of it today! Now my merino is done and I just have some silk to spin before I start my boucle yarn, I just may finish!!!

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