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At 4:25pm today I finished my stated objective: spin and 2-ply the 8 ounces of handpainted Targhee. Final tally: spot on 8 ounces, 340+ yards, average weight worsted, well balanced. Pictures on my blog tomorrow as the internet isn't allowing any uploads tonight. (Bah.)

Apparently I severely underestimated my objective and so decided to spin 2 lots of a llama/merino/silk blend and ply them. At 8:45pm tonight I had 7ounces of 2 ply, absolutely gorgeous, 270+ yards, heavy worsted.

Once again I went to the stash. On one wheel I have 4 ounces of handpainted superwash merino, spinning at laceweight to be plied for sock yarn. On the other, 4.5 ounces of a Rambouillet/Targhee/Merino blend spinning at fingering weight, possibly to be plied, but not necessarily.

I must comment that this has certainly helped me accomplish quite a bit! I also have 1/2 ounce of 3 total of a 50/50 Merino/Tussah blend spun laceweight on one of my spindles.

And dh cooked dinner. God bless 'im!

I'll post links to the pictures tomorrow if the internet cooperates.

Ooh, amazing colors!

My progress report:


Glad you're feeling better--it sucks to be sick.

I've hit my goal of 30 minutes a day every day so far--some weekdays more than that, and definitely more on the weekend. This weekend I was a little "off," and my spinning definitely showed it. But I feel better today and the spinning became easier again.

Updates at http://www.plainsgirl.blogspot.com

Glad you're feeling better. That's some gorgeous roving!

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