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What a great idea this is!

Here's my progress report:

I've done 10 hours of spinning so far. My goal is 30. I'm spinning 2.5 pounds of cormo/silk that I'm hoping will be enough to knit bpt from Knitty. We'll see if I make it. I've spun almost 5 full bobbins.


Here's my progress report:

Le Tour is great! Very glad I joined. Progress updates are on my blog: http://www.yarn-tails.blogspot.com (7/5 and 7/6 both have Tour info)

My progress report is on the blog at http://www.tarboxfamily.net/annie. I've done about 5 hours of spinning so far, plus about 2 hours of (unexpected) plying. I've spun a full bobbin of singles, and will be starting on the second this afternoon!

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