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Finished! http://thepurloinedletter.blogspot.com/2006/07/champs-elysees.html

Thanks so much for this terrific adventure!

Thirty minutes tomorrow and I''ll make my goal! And I accomplished my mini-goal today as well by finishing the plying of two bobbins of superwash merino before Sunday. Photos and general rejoicing can be found on my blog.


Look out Finish Line, here I come!

Finished, literally, a minute ago. Does it count that I'm not going to be able to skein until after the end of the race?
Off to work now, but pictures will be up later.

I think I am going to make it. I have half a bobbin of singles to spin and then plying the last 2 bobbins. I have the drum carded batt and a half ready. At the beginning of the week I didn't think I was going to finish on time.
Back to spinning

Voila! I've made it to the Champs de L'Eysses! What a long hot, wet three weeks for me, and worth every bit. I spun over sixteen ounces and accomplished my first goal and a second. I am now a spinner for sure. Thanks Katherine for a great concept and to all the other participants, it's been great watching/reading about everyone's progress. Treadle/Spindle on!

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