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Hi! I'm starting to see the finisher's buttons show up on blogs. I finished my original goal in the first few days of the tour, and went on to spin over 2 miles of yarn before the final sprint.

Am I jumping the gun and just need to wait for the button to be emailed out? Or did I somehow get missed?

This was a fabulous incentive to get spinning during a traditional slump time of the year. Thank you for organizing this and I look forward to next year's challenge!

Weeeeeeee!! I hit the jackpot! Thank you, Anj and Katherine! What a treat - I haven't won anything in years and years.

Yee Ha and Ya Hooooo! My gawsh! I git a prize? Whoa. I am honored, and delighted! Thank you so much! I've had a ball with le Tour de Fleece!



We're not e-mailing the buttons, you can download them yourself off the blog from the previous post at http://wabisabi.typepad.com/le_tour_de_fleece/2006/07/the_finish_line.html

You'll find instructions there for downloading the button you felt you earned -- whether you achieved your goal (yellow Prix Maillot Jaune -- the coveted Yellow Jersey) or just gave it a real good run (the red Prix de la Combativité or Prize for Fighting Spirit).

Yr fthfl srvnt,

T.O. a.k.a. Assistant Tour Director & Tech Guy

Thanks so much for heading this up. I had a lot of fun reading the other participants' blogs and challenging myself. Thanks for the work developing the buttons and for doing the prize drawing. See you next year. Tj

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